About Us

Hayworth Public Relations is a boutique, full-service public relations agency. Specializing in travel and tourism, Hayworth Public Relations successfully represents hospitality clients of every shape, size and budget. Our team of exceedingly talented PR professionals works tirelessly to generate high-value media exposure that creates awareness, drives traffic, changes opinions, boosts sales and builds reputations and relationships. 

With representatives throughout Florida, Hayworth PR represents a unique combination of disciplines and backgrounds. Our collective talents and refreshing approach to PR have attracted clients from a number of different industries, including associations, manufacturing, and retail, but most especially travel and tourism.

Even prior to the firm’s establishment in 1999, most of the Hayworth PR team members were actively involved in the tourism industry, and now boast well over a century of collective experience. From boutique properties and rural communities, to large resorts and world-renowned destinations, Hayworth PR has developed and executed successful PR campaigns for a wide variety of tourism entities, achieving superior results. From special event management and major media announcements, to national promotions and community relations, Hayworth PR has repeatedly proven our ability to efficiently and effectively utilize public relations to the benefit of our clients.

We’re committed to creative thinking, sound strategy and the effective use of our clients’ budgets. But in truth, our ability to work effectively, creatively and consistently with each of our clients to reach specified marketing goals is built on more than that. It’s built on our expertise, our passion for excellence, the relationships we’ve established over years in the industry, and our devotion to outstanding work and client service. That, and the fact that we simply love what we do, and do it very well.

Anyone can add to the noise of competing messages bombarding the media and the audiences they command. At Hayworth PR, our job is to lift our clients above the noise through the strategic creation and release of information – getting the right message to the right people at the right time, in the right way. Done right, PR can be a wildly effective component in any sales and marketing plan, driving business and generating revenue. And we do PR right.